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The JDM Passion forum welcomes everyone with a passion for Japanese cars. Doesn't matter if you have one, don't have one, are going to buy one, modified or not, we hope to see you on the forum.
"Listed among the JDM Car Pictures section are some of the best threads we have come across in quite some time.
There's plenty posted to generate inspiration for your own project cars and in general JDM Passion looks like a good place to be if you're into your performance tuning, subtle styling and are interested in what our Japanese counterparts are up to." 
Banzai 2007
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JDM - The term JDM Japan domestic market (JDM) is used to describe Japan's market for purchasing things, chiefly automobiles and parts. A similar term, United States domestic market (USDM) is used to differentiate US-only vehicles and products.

Some people interpret "M" as model. The term also pertains to the parts and products only available within the specific local Marketplace. Therefore, unless you are in Japan, parts have to be specifically imported to your target nation. There are a variety of importers that bring in these parts and have now expanded what once was a JDM only product into other marketplaces.

In recent years the popularity of JDM auto parts within the United States has grown significantly as a result of the import tuning wave. Part of the reasoning behind this could be associated with drifting, a Japanese motorsport that has only just recently made its way to U.S. soil. As a result it is often believed that Japanese companies, because of their experience in developing parts for cars involved in drifting, and circuit racing have superior experience with further developing the capabilities of cars. What also sets JDM parts aside from others is the fact that Japanese vehicles often differ in features and equipment from vehicles sold elsewhere.

JDM imports are extremely popular world wide and have created a whole sub-culture involving the street scene and motor racing. Many consumers prefer JDM imports to their own domestic models as they are often better spec'd and tuned, they can also offer very good value for money.
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